Green Talents Competition 2017

Planet earth wants youStriving for international cooperation in sustainability research

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) hosts the prestigious ” Green Talents – International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development” to promote the international exchange of innovative green ideas.

The award, under the patronage of Minister Professor Johanna Wanka, honours young researchers each year. The winners come from numerous countries and scientific disciplines and are recognised for their outstanding achievements in making our societies more sustainable. Selected by a high-ranking jury of German experts the award-winners are granted unique access to the country’s research elite.

Are you an up-and-coming scientist with innovative ideas and a strong focus on sustainable development? Does your research have the potential to change the world? We challenge you to convince our high-ranking expert jury and become one of the 25 Green Talents 2017!

The award is open to all disciplines as long as it is related to sustainable development. In 2017 the award has a focus on “Sustainable Production and Consumption” and this year’s Science Forum, taking place in October, will integrate sustainability hot spots in Germany related to this theme. Nevertheless, we highly welcome applications from all (not connected) research areas.

The competition period 2017 is open now! Apply till 23 May, 12 p.m. CEST to become a Green Talent 2017. Please use the online tool to submit your application: Online Tool. 

Please refer to our FAQ section to learn more about the eligibility and requirements, applicants have to meet.




Миссией организации является – содействие развитию общества путем повышения информированности, а также снижению уровня бедности среди населения Республики Таджикистан и устойчивого развития потенциала нации на национальном и региональном уровнях посредством анализа, прогнозирования, моделирования и консалтинга в экономическом, инвестиционном, технологическом, предпринимательском, информационном, образовательном, социальном, молодёжном и экологическом секторах для оказания содействия в устойчивом развитии. Свидетельство о регистрации №1206 от 16 октября 2009 года. Свидетельство о перерегистрации №1206 "А" от 09 декабря 2016 г.

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